Why Choose HappiLiv Bangalore Boys and Girls Hostel?

Why Choose HappiLiv Bangalore Boys and Girls Hostel?

Are you looking for girls or Boys hostel near Bangalore Christ College, Kengeri campus? Viba’s HappiLiv boys and girls hostel is a newly constructed, fully furnished hostel in Bangalore located less than 100mtrs from Christ college Kengeri campus.

We provide comfortable accommodation for female students with ample amenities in place to make it feel like a second home. When a female student or their parents are looking for a place to remain, they consider a number of factors before settling on a girls hostel. And to cater to all of your desires, we’ve pulled out all the stops to provide you with the best female student accommodation in Bangalore.

The most common issue that people encounter when staying in a different location is health issues. It could be because of the low-nutrition diet or the cleanliness of the environment. HappiLiv hostel in Bangalore is mindful of the wellness and sanitation of our female residents, so we have arranged for professional housekeeping, sumptuous in-house cooked wholesome meals, food grade branded ingredients, and frequent quality control audits to ensure everything is in order. And in addition, we have an on call doctor in case of any emergency needs.

When it comes to females hostels, security is paramount, and we make no exceptions. We have a full-time security guard and an all-watching CCTV network as part of our strict security routine. Face recognition in and out, biometric/manual attendance, and highly qualified residential caretakers are all available. By selecting HappiLiv hostel for female students, you will be selecting one of the most safe girls and boys hostels near Bangalore’s Kengeri campus.

"For budget friendly girls and boys hostel near Christ college, Kengeri campus in Bangalore, contact Viba’s HappiLiv Hostels in Bangalore"

It’s not just for entertainment but even home assignments need a seamless wifi connection and we have arranged for unlimited high-speed wifi (upto 100mbps) with dedicated lines for each floor. You will have a dedicated study table and chair all to yourself even in all our 3 sharing rooms. And you don’t have to worry about power failures interrupting your studies as we have 24/7 power back up.

All work and no play makes Jenny a dull girl. It’s essential to have a place where you can let loose and enjoy yourself with your hostel mates. Some friendships formed in female hostels last a lifetime. It’s a sisterhood bonding experience that teaches you to trust others, share your concerns, and learn to be there for others. And to honor this union, we have a get together area to enjoy special occasions and festivities, when you are not home. Come visit our hostel for girl students near Christ College, Kengeri campus, Bangalore and decide for yourself, or get a glimpse, Click here

It’s not easy to stay away from home in a new place. Home sickness creeps in no matter how brave you are or how much enjoyable college life is, and this is primarily due to the language barrier to begin with. We’ve all lived in a new location and waited to hear someone speak our native language so we could feel a little piece of home. As a result, at HappiLiv female student accommodation, we make certain to employ caretakers with friendly personalities and multilingual staff. This way you can have a piece of your home with you at all times.

For people who have a quirk about not sharing, well we serve your quirks too. In our hostel, we have single occupancy rooms for you to name your own. Even in our shared rooms, you will have your own storage cupboard, separate bed, bedding etc. And our spacious rooms will make sharing doesn’t seem like it should.

There are many more amenities we have to offer at our HappiLiv Hostels near Kengeri campus, Christ College Bangalore. At not less than 100mtrs from the Christ college Kengeri campus, we are the best female accommodation near Kengeri Campus with food, CCTV security, lift service that is also budget friendly and also has fully furnished single occupancy and sharing rooms with attached bathrooms.

Contact HappiLiv Hostels in Bangalore for more queries.

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